Dislexia geográfica | Geography of the edge
All day long
From 11-02-18 to 11-30-18

Dislexia geográfica, Geography on the edge focuses on philosophies and aesthetics associated with the work of a wide array of contemporary visual artists from Colombia, Puerto Rico and their New York diaspora. The title of the show alludes to Chilean literary luminary, Roberto Bolaños, when he described how his undiagnosed dyslexia led him to mix up South American capital cities. With our exhibition, we celebrate a Pan American dyslexia: Welcome to San Juan, Capital of Colombia and Welcome to Bogota, capital of Puerto Rico. Join us in leaving behind the parameters of passports and frontiers for a more poetic, intuitive, fluid method of categorization. What would be to quote Bolaños, the “imaginary solution” to this “imaginary problem”?

LES & Abrazo Interno Gallery at The Clemente, 107 Suffolk Street, NYC