For the second consecutive year, the seven most prominent Latino theaters in Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx come together to present Teatro Fest NYC 2016, from September 15 to November 15, 2016. The partnership, known as The Alliance of Teatros Latinos NYC, will present an unprecedented season which includes 10 different shows in 8 different venues with more than 200 theatrical performances. With this second edition, Teatro Fest NYC 2016 is taking the center stage in New York’s theater scene, showcasing the diversity of Latino culture and folklore that prevails in the Big Apple.

Although every Latin theater works really hard to maintain and develop the theatrical art, together we become stronger. Theater Fest 2016 is not only an effort of joint promotion; rather it acts as a reaffirmation of the Latin American theater that already holds a strong presence on Broadway, off-Broadway and off-off Broadway. Latinos in NYC represent a huge labor force, like a conglomerate, we have reclaimed our place in civil and socio-political rights. And again we come together to reclaim and reaffirm, as a community, our unique place in the arts,” said Manuel Morán, CEO of Teatro SEA/Society of the Educational Arts, Inc. (SEA).

People en Español Magazine, the most read Spanish-language magazine in the United States, is also joining the Alliance’s effort. The magazine, read by over 30 million people, has dedicated promotional space, both in print and digitally, to promote Teatro Fest NYC 2016. In addition, People en Español will sponsor one performance of each of the theaters by inviting its readers to the various presentations and offering them a 10% discount on the admission price. The Alliance has also developed an important partnership for the festival with the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME).The office has shown its support by donating prime promotional space on the city’s subways for a Teatro Fest NYC banner, which is set to roll out on September 26th.

“It’s amazing, the strength of our Latino community in the United States. We know that this partnership will be the beginning of a relationship that will continue to expand. But it is important to understand that the work that these companies produce are not just for Spanish-speakers, but for everyone living in this beautiful city. Regardless of language or origin, our theater is open for everyone,” saidRosalba Rolon, Artistic Director of Pregones / Puerto Rico Traveling Theater (PRTT).

The festival is composed of great shows brough to you by Teatro Circulo, IATI Theater, Teatro LATEA, Pregones/PRTT, Repertorio Español, Teatro SEA andThalia Hispanic Theatre, and offers a wide range of entertainment including drama, comedy, music, dance and puppetry.

Teatro Círculo:Teatro Circulo will present José Carlos Somoza’s “Miguel Will,” a fascinating work in which the worlds of Cervantes and Shakespeare merge into the same fantasy.

IATI Theater: In Jeff Stolzer’s hilarious classic, “Storage Locker,” a married couple gets a lot more than they bargained for after winning the bidding on an abandoned storage locker that they hope contains something extremely valuable.

Teatro LATEA: The touring company, A Puro Tango, champions of the World Tango Championship, will present its show “A Puro Tango,” a fascinating joyride which expresses the best of traditional and contemporary Tango and demonstrates a commitment to travel with the spectators through worlds of love, hate, passion, heartbreak, fights, fears, eroticism, sensuality, and feelings, which describes well the Tango aesthetic. Transforming the human essence into dance and turning it into a powerful tool of communication, A Puro Tango is filled with affection, love, and personal expression. The feeling of the dance of intertwined bodies. The human seduction turned into movement. The encounter between two worlds. The exhibition of the beautiful dance aesthetics that surround the universe.

Teatro SEA/Society of the Educational Arts, Inc. (SEA): Audiences will have the opportunity to experience the music of the big stars of salsa and bolero, including Celia Cruz, Myrta Silva and Daniel Santos, in their musical revue, “La Gloria: A Latin Cabaret.” Family audiences can participate in the humorous story of “El Encuentro de Juan Bobo y Pedro Animal,” a heartwarming show based on characters from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Pregrones / PRTT– Enjoy both Caribbean history in “I Like It Like That – A Musical,” starring Salsa Superstar, Tito Nieves, and stories of the Puerto Rican urban gay world in “Mundo Cruel,” adapted from Luis Negron’s award winning short story collection.

Repertorio Español:  “La Canción: El Musical” is the story of Rafa, a young man with a passion for urban music. One night, Rafa dreams of a song he has never heard before, and when he awakens, he inexplicably knows the lyrics to the song. Taunted by the song and with the desire to adapt it to urban music—for an upcoming singing competition—Rafa embarks on a quest to find its author, but in his search, he unexpectedly discovers the truth about his origins.

Thalia Hispanic Theatre – Award Winning Colombian Dance Company, Cali Salsa Pal’ Mundo, explores the evolution of Salsa throughout the last few decades. This iconic musical genre has been embraced throughout the world and continues to enchant audiences with its intoxicating rhythm and mesmerizing moves. Let’s go back to the beginning and dance our way to the present with “Historia de La Salsa.” From AFRICA, CUBA, PUERTO RICO, NEW YORK, and COLOMBIA, a musical heritage celebration for the entire family in the universal languages of Music and Dance!

Another great show coming to Thalia is “Apartment for Sale (tenant included),” a comedy about human relations, living space and quality time. It’s all about three peculiar characters who will make you laugh and cry: An old woman who only has the apartment she leaves in… A young businesswoman who has everything she wants… And a Real Estate salesman who is a total disaster..

“We at Teatro Circulo are delighted to participate in the second edition of Theatre Fest NYC 2016. This year, we offer a wide variety of theater productions that reflect both the diversity and quality of Latino Theater in the City of New York. I invite those from all corners of the city to join us in this exciting celebration of theater and cultural pride.” – Jose Cheo Olivera, Founder and Artistic Director, Teatro Circulo.

The Alliance of Teatros Latinos NYC works to ensure that people of all ages and all municipalities have access to a theater of quality.  Teatro Fest NYC 2016 is not only a celebration, but a necessary and important event that reflects the diversity, excellence, and strength of the Latino arts community in NYC.

“Latino cultural events in the city are carried out with a multitude of challenges. Our events are as diverse as they come … serving all ages, ethnic groups and nationalities. We are confident that the festival will be strongly supported by New Yorkers, tourists and people from all walks of life of this city.”Nelson Landrieu, Executive Director, LATEA Theatre.

“Since we joined as a group, we have been gaining support from both the public and private sector along with a newfound appreciation of the cultural importance of our work … We are proud of our achievements,” said Roberto Federico, Executive Director of Repertorio Español.

“We are very grateful to work as a group in this festival. We support each other and have something in common: a total commitment to our communities,” said Vivian DeAngelo,  Artistic Director of Teatro IATI

“There is a high demand for Latino productions. We believe that this interest will only grow as our population increases, which now reaches more than one million, according to the census surveys,” said Angel Gil Orrios, Artistic Director of Thalia Theatre.

For more information about the Alliance of Teatros Latinos and Teatro Fest NYC 2016, please visit and find us on social media:
 Alliance of Teatros Latinos NYC   @teatroslatinos   @teatroslatinos

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