Teatro SEA is Offering PAID Technical Training for the Latino/a Community!

Teatro SEA is Offering PAID Technical Training for the Latino/a Community!

Teatro SEA is now receiving applications for an 18 month program that trains personnel in various aspects of Technical Theatre, with the intention of making all participants well rounded technicians and of diversifying the theater community. No experience is necessary, but we wish to offer the training to for those seriously interested in a technical career in the performing arts. 

Teatro SEA’s TTP trains participants to work in the professional theatre. The program gives students exposure in all areas of technical production. The program offers basic training in Lighting, Scenic (Carpentry and Scenic Painting), Sound, Costume Production/Management, Stage Management and Technical Direction.

Our first semester will be from February to June and will feature immersive classes with different professionals, professors and cultural centers through out Manhattan. We are putting together a great group of Latino and non-Latino designers, technicians and stage managers to train the participants. 

The participants will need to complete up to 60 hours of training and practice. The sections will take place on Monday nights for at least 2 hours per night. Some additional time for practice will be during a week day. They will receive a stipend for their time.

Teatro SEA’s Technical Training Program is possible thanks to a generous grant from the New York City’s Theater Subdistrict Council.

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