The Bitter Aftertaste of a Bad Internship

The Bitter Aftertaste of a Bad Internship

We’ve all heard of horror internship stories, and we’ve all – except for a lucky few – had to work
for a Miranda Priestly, spawn-of-the-devil-type boss, at one point or another.
For the unlucky majority, internships can sometimes be synonymous with going on coffee runs,
cleaning out the supply closet, or crying in the trash chute. The bitter aftertaste of sluggishly
meandering through a series of soul-draining, menial tasks that reduce you to a shell of a human
and leave you feeling unseen and unappreciated, is all too familiar among the youth.
However, we kindly ask that you save your internal screaming for another time and another
workplace because we here, at Teatro SEA, ensure that our interns are provided with a fun and
nurturing work environment that promotes learning, productivity, and positivity. We value the
thoughts and opinions of our interns and vehemently refuse that their contributions vanish into
the ether.

To further highlight the integral role that they play in the overall success of our company, we
asked that some of our interns reflect on the time they spent at SEA in the summer and their
involvement in the International Puppet Fringe Festival (IPFF).
Our summer interns worked in numerous departments ranging from administration, marketing
and social media, to technical support, production, and development. They proved their stellar
problem-solving skills, dedication, and professionalism as they rose to the occasion and formed a
united front with our staff members every time we were pelted with an obstacle during our
festival run.

Owain, a rising senior at Bristol University, said that “this internship was very helpful in terms of
seeing how people work in a theater environment; what tools they use, the sort of timetables
people work to and what their priorities are.”

Robby, a theater student at the University of Southern California, added that the internship at
SEA made him feel “more prepared” for his future endeavors in the entertainment industry.
Klara, a recent NYU graduate with a Masters degree in English Literature, said that "working
with the marketing team taught [her] how to craft strong pitches and how to approach people
professionally – whether it is to request a sponsorship, manage a cross-promotion, push sales or
attract press coverage.”

On the other hand, Ella, a rising sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University, expressed that she
had never done anything like Teatro SEA before but that she “loved the experience” and is now
on the lookout for similar internships as she continues her pursuit of theater.
After having worked an entire summer season for the anti-Miranda Priestly – Manuel Morán –
our interns walked away with their souls still intact, and not a single tear shed. Instead, they
gained new friends, professional connections, and a broadened understanding and knowledge of
theater production.

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