Teatro SEA / Society of Educational Arts is proud to present a special performance of The Encounter of Juan Bobo and Pedro Animal (El Encuentro de Juan Bobo y Pedro Animal). This amazing virus-style play will be at Teatro SEA on Saturdays, November 12 & 19 @ 3pm, as part of the 11th edition of BORIMIX: Puerto Rico Fest 2016.   

“Audiences will find themselves in the middle of this fun-loving puppet play, where hysterical events revolve around these incredibly charming, but not too bright characters, from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.” said Dr Manuel Morán CEO & Artistic Director of Teatro SEA and the Actor of Juan Bobo in the play.

The puppets are performed on the stage floor in full view of the audience. In other words, no attempt is made to hide the actor/puppeteers while they perform. The puppets have short handles, or control rods, attached to their heads. The actor/puppeteers use these control rods to move the puppets’ heads. The actors/puppeteers manipulate all of the puppet characters in the show and provide the voices for the characters as well.

About the Show

When the show begins, we meet two street performers that have stories to tell; stories that have been told for generations. However, Juan and Pedro, who do everything backward, find themselves in sticky situations from one moment to the next. The street performers turn to the audience for help in getting their stories straight. Audiences laugh their way through this circus-style play, as well as assist these two characters in finding self-esteem and confidence. Live music, choreography, puppets, a slapstick, and Puerto Rican and Dominican folklore/ culture all help make this play the perfect platform to pass these stories along to new generations.

About the Characters

Juan Bobo (Simple John) is portrayed by a silly “noodle head.” He is Puerto Rico’s most popular folk character and favorite fool who has been the mainstay of jokes and laughter for generations. Juan Bobo is a bobo – a young, naïve, airhead boy who does nothing right. He is an ignorant and awkward person who does not learn from experience. There is a bobo in every village around the world. The tales about bobos originated in India, and were later brought to Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Juan Bobo stands for the honest, simple and uncorrupted life of the country folk (el jíbaro) against the excess of those living in the city.

Pedro Animal (Peter Animal) is Juan Bobo’s counterpart from the Dominican Republic. He is a “noodle head” too, and embodies the honest, simple and uncorrupted country folk from Quisqueya. Pedro Animal’s original name in the Dominican literature is Pedro Animala. Pedro is frequently portrayed as a dark Black person with broad nose, thick lips and curly hair.

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About BORIMIX: Puerto Rico Fest 

BORIMIX: Puerto Rico Fest, this year in its 11th edition, is a citywide celebration of Puerto Rican heritage, arts and culture, aiming to serve as a bridge to give the broader community, both artists and the public, a glimpse into the rich and vibrant Puerto Rican culture. This year, BORIMIX 2016 has invited the Dominican Republic as a guest country.

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