Join Nunito, an extraterrestrial boy who comes to Planet Earth to learn about humans, for a journey through historic dates, cultural celebrations, and holidays throughout the year.

Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving and Independence Day?
Join Nunito and learn about historic dates, cultural celebrations, holidays and their meaning.

Nunito’s Adventures
Las aventuras de Nunito (Comic Book)

Nunito’s Adventures is a comic book with illustrations and funny stories about an extraterrestrial boy who visits Planet Earth.

Las aventuras de Nunito es un cómic con ilustraciones y divertidas historias sobre un niño extraterrestre que visita el planeta Tierra.

Nunito, citizen of Planeta SEA, is a researcher extraterrestrial boy sent to earth to document
our culture and celebrations.
He then reports back all the information to his peopleand earth kids through a brand new segment called Nunito’s Calendar in the SEA Kids Network YouTube channel.

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