A Day of the Dead bedtime story.

 Skeletons is a comedy about a boy, Jimmy, who is dealing with the loss of his best friend, his Grandfather. His parents try everything to help Jimmy cope, but nothing works, until the eve of Day of the Dead, when his Grandfather comes back to life for just one night. Grandpa, being the great storyteller that he is, uses his skills to orchestrate an adventure where his cast of zany characters (deceased relatives) teach Jimmy many important lessons, including self-confidence, which allows him to move on without his Grandfather.

Recommended for second grade and up. Performed in Spanish and English simultaneously.

Esta comedia nos cuenta la historia de Jimmy, un niño que está lidiando con haber perdido a su mejor amigo, su abuelito. Sus papás tratan de ayudarlo pero nada funciona. La noche del Día de Muertos toda cambia, ya que el Abuelo regresa y en esa única noche (junto a una serie de locos personajes) le enseña a Jimmy a recobrar confianza en sí mismo para salir adelante.

Recomendada para estudiantes de segundo grado en adelante. Versión bilingüe (en Inglés y Español simultáneamente).

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