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Through an array of effective, comprehensive, and highly powerful Arts-in-Education programs, SEA provides opportunities for children and young adults to examine, challenge and create possible solutions for current educational, social and community issues while fostering their talents, potential and self-esteem. A unique aspect of SEA’s program is that they may be implemented in English only, Spanish only or in both languages simultaneously (bilingual)!

Recently, the teaching artists from the Integrated Arts Program join El Avión The Airplane crew, a brand new educational program that includes a webseries and musical band. Being aware of the need for art workshops in schools and a more dynamic experience for students sitting in front of a computer screen all day during these difficult times. SEA decided to offer these arts residencies in an even more entertaining and fun way.
The Integrated Arts Program has been serving NYC and the tri-state area for decades, facilitating workshops in various disciplines: theater, dance, music, painting and puppet making. Now these workshops will include music and episodes from the first season of El Avión The Airplane, that tackles topics such as self-esteem and other life lessons. The Teaching Artist will be an extended part of the crew that undertakes this new journey towards learning and fostering sensitivity.
This new bilingual curriculum meets all the benchmarks and blueprints established by the Department of Education. It was also created based on the many years of experience from the program. A group of art education specialists were in charge of creating the curriculum and lesson plans that will now be available to public and private schools everywhere. The curriculum  for each discipline consists of ten (10) consecutive lessons.  


Teatro SEA can travels to your school! Bring any of our art residencies or puppet shows to your school, organization or event.

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