Teatro SEA celebrates the legacy of Mexican-American labor activist César Chávez with new puppet theater production

“César Chávez and the Migrants” premieres as part of MicroTheater New York, a series of short plays entering its 11th season

New York, NY – Teatro SEA is proud to announce the 11th season of MicroTheater New York, a series of short productions, including the premiere of a new puppet theater production “César Chávez and the Migrants (The César Chávez Story),” which celebrates the life and legacy of the Mexican-American labor activist.

Written and directed by Manuel Antonio Morán, the bilingual production highlights Chávez’s life story for a new generation, and premieres in connection with both World Puppetry Day (March 21) and Chávez’s birthday (March 31). The play highlights Chávez’s early life as well as his partnership with Dolores Huerta, activism with the National Farm Workers Association, the 1968 grape boycott, and his ongoing commitment to nonviolent civil rights work. 

“César Chávez is an American hero. His activism and his victories for the labor movement are well-known in California and across the West Coast, but his contributions are less familiar to many New Yorkers,” said Dr. Morán, founder, CEO and artistic director of Teatro SEA. “Through the medium of puppetry, we hope to share his legacy with a new audience and an entire generation.” 

The production is also inspired by Victorian-era Toy Theater, a form of miniature theater dating back to the early 19th century, and features handmade engraved puppets designed by artist and puppeteer Cristina Arancibia Brecht. As part of the story, one of the farm laborer’s boxes of fruit is transformed into a miniature puppet theater, hosting an 8-inch high performance that tells the story of Chávez and his accomplishments. 

MicroTheater New York, entering its 11th season, is a series hosted by Teatro SEA that consists of short plays lasting 15 to 20 minutes, with a maximum audience of 15 per play. The format originated in Spain in 2009, and adapts to changing audience habits by letting patrons “choose their own adventure” as they decide how many short performances to attend. Each performance costs $5 and will be presented in various private spaces for several consecutive times per day. In connection with World Puppetry Day, this season’s theme is Puppets or Animated Objects for Adults.

The full lineup for MicroTheater New York (March 19 to 21):

The Grand Guignol Theater for Children presents 
A Bloody Good Time
Presented by Drama of Works

This toy theater piece is a puppet performance for adults based on Shockheaded Peter and the tradition of cautionary tales for children. See little paper puppets get blown away, cut up, and set on fire, plus much much more.

So Close & Yet So Far
Conceived by Spica Wobbe

A non-verbal poetic toy theater piece that makes use of shadow and light to tell the story of a little girl’s journey searching for a star that reflects the feelings deep in our hearts. 

Created by Amanda Card & Mikey Rose

How can you put down roots when you don’t have a green thumb? With Appalachian inspired music created by Mikey Rose, Amanda Glynn Card uses crankie and shadow puppetry to explore the stories that her Mama told her that her Mama’s Mama told her that her Mama’s Mama’s Mama told her.

Sub Aquatic Adventures-Under the Sea
Created by Eva Marie Lansberry

This show is a physical comedy/puppet show in a suitcase that is loosely inspired by the underwater television series Jacques Cousteau.

Why did the moon lose its shine?
Written by Braulio Basilio
Produced by Teatro 220

Inspired by the news that a rocket hit the moon in March 2020, this work explores the imaginary consequences that this clash would have. In an apocalyptic world, three strangers, partners in circumstances, lunatics, meet. 

Location: Teatro SEA | 107 Suffolk Street, NY 10021 

(J/M/Z to Essex St. or F to Delancey St.)


Sat. 3/19, 9:30 PM

Sun. 3/20, 9:30 PM



MicroTheater New York proposes an alternative theatrical exchange space for minority groups and playwrights in New York City.

For more information: microtheaterny@teatrosea.org | 212.529.1545 https://www.facebook.com/microtheaterny/


Special thanks to The Puppet Slam Network and The César Chávez Foundation